Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We've got a few more details on the reunion....

We're going to have our Friday dinner on the Deck at the rec hall at Cutty's. The rec hall is down by the creek and the deck is out back. We'll plan to meet late afternoon / early evening and eat around 6 ish. We'll be smoking up some brisket, pulled pork, and chicken with cole slaw and some other fixins.

The Saturday meal will be at Cutty's lodge hall. It's above the office. We have it reserved starting at 11:30 but it will be open before so come over anytime. We'll be BBQing and bringing all the meats, rolls, condiments, and sides. If you can please bring a dessert to share.

For both Friday and Saturday meals please plan to BYOD (bring your own drinks).

A couple things about Cutty's location... It can get a little cool in the evening so may want to bring a light coat or sweatshirt. Also, there is river rafting very nearby so might make for a fun excursion.

One final thing, if you have a room at Cutty's be sure to check your reservations or their website (http://cuttysresort.net) to confirm what is provided. For example, the cozy cabins don't come furnished with sheets/towels. 

We're really looking forward to catching up with everyone!
The Colorado hosts

Friday, September 5, 2014

ReUnion Information - August 1, 2015 - Ketelsen / Aubert / Bailey / Lillie

I hope you are having a good summer, where does the time go....
The local committee has decided on Cuttys Resort for the site of our reunion on August 1, 2015.
Please check out their website www.cuttysresort.net for info about the site and attractions and things to do in the area.
They have a few cabins, 1 trailer (self contained), 2 or 3 pop-up campers, and camping spaces reserved for our group and there are a lot of campsites for RVs, campers, and tents.
The cabins/etc that are available are on hold for our group until Oct. 15, 2014, so if you are interested in reserving a place, please contact them ASAP (719-942-4222). They are only reserved for 7/31 and 8/1 but you may be able to extend the time. Some of the cabins/campsites do not have showers but there community showers at the swimming pool that are available.
Other nearby accommodation options:
- Bighorn Park (3 miles / 7 minutes from Cuttys) - Cabins, Motel, RV park, and tenting area. http://bighornpark.com/
- KOA Campground (9 miles / 14 minutes from Cuttys) - Motel, RV park, and camping.  http://koa.com/campgrounds/cotopaxi/ 
- Salida, CO - (24 miles / 35 minutes from Cuttys) - Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Homes, RV Parks and Campgrounds. http://salidalodging.com/
There is $5.00 per person/per day  charge for people not staying at Cuttys to use their facilities.
The Arkansas River is near by and has many river rafting companies for guided trips and has good trout fishing This is good place for additional time to vacation in the Rockies. I'm quite familiar with this area and can give info about, site seeing, jeeping, 4 wheeling, hiking, etc. Please contact me (Ajasailor@aol.com) at any time.
Please forward this information to any of your family that is not on the list. Also, please have them contact me at Ajasailor@aol.com so we can add their email address to the list.
We are looking forward to having you here next summer, lets have a great turn out and enjoy being to together.
Fair winds and tight lines (sailor and fishing talk).
Al Aubert

Monday, August 5, 2013

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park * August 3, 2013

The Main Event

A good turnout for a GREAT TRADITION.
Thanks to all attendees for your successful participation. Certainly attempt to convince and/or assist any and all non-attendees for our next reunion scheduled in Colorado, August 1, 2015.
Details to follow.
Hooray for 2013! Special thanks to Scott & Shannon for all their hard work and the Kick-off Party.

Everyone had a great time!!!

In addition to the Doorly Zoo, horseback riding, golf, walks, etc, we did some of the following:

The theater at the park.
Strategic Air Command Museum

The water park

Oh yeah! Cabins and the Lodge too.

Did I forget the meals? Two and three and four and .... times.

 The Observation Tower.
The Kid's park
p.s. of course: I, Bob Ketelsen, will be sending a shout-out to all my contacts via email. If you don't get it, please know that I do not have your contact number and please provide as warranted, to buenomad@gmail.com
I have added several other family members to assist me in posting updates to the blog.
Provide info and photos to them or me for posting.  Mike Aubert  /  Susan  / Lynn  /  Cami

Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Reunion * Friday Evening Kick-off at Scott & Shannon's - Omaha

A good turnout for day 1 of 2013 reunion.
Hosted by Scott & Shannon Jones at their new home (Feb.) in west Omaha.
Garage Band diss-banding

We all learned to play 9-square, a great participation game for all ages.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brian and Kim Lillie Family

Here are recent photos and events for posterity.

Left to right
Kelsey (Lillie) Lee, Kim Lillie, Alex Lillie, Caden Lillie, Andrew Lillie, Brian Lillie, Tobias Lee

Brian, Alex, Andrew & Kim Lillie

Merlin, Marilyn,Alex & Andrew Lillie

front row Left to right
Amanda Lillie (Mark's), Matthew Fallander, Michael Fallander, Marilyn Lillie, Caden Lillie, Kelsey (Lillie) Lee, Tobias Lee, Jordan Lillie (Doug's)
back row left to right
Merlin Lillie, Susan Fallander, Mark Lillie, Deb Lillie, Alex Lillie, Andrew Lillie, Kim Lillie, Brian Lillie, Doug Lillie

Friday, July 19, 2013

Recent Fallander Photograph - 2013

Here is Michael at 14, Susan, and Matt at 17. Looking forward to 2013 reunion of course.

Marilyn and Susan
Presumed to be related. What do you think?